This is what a Pixel XL and Pixel C look like, in their full glory, according to the official renders

TechRadars article The Google Pixel XL is a new smartphone that Google released alongside the Pixel C earlier this year.It’s a bit of a departure from Google’s usual design direction, with its white, metallic lines and sleek chrome trimline, but it still feels like a Pixel to me.In this video, the Pixel XL comes with […]

How to get rid of ‘Birds of a Feather’ wallpaper

It’s not uncommon for Apple to add wallpaper to its iPhone 5S and 5C phones, with the company releasing a wallpaper pack that features a bird in a field of flowers, a woman with a bird’s head and a man with a tree branch.It’s been a consistent theme for Apple in recent years, with new […]

Which Hindu religion is best?

The Hindu’s poll finds that there is no clear winner.In fact, a majority of respondents (56%) favour the religion of the Buddha.The poll also found that a plurality (36%) of respondents said they believe in reincarnation of the Hindu god Shiva.However, most respondents (60%) said they don’t believe in God.The survey, conducted by the Hindu […]

Overwatch: The Ultimate Edition is out now on Steam for $4.99 – IGN

Overwatch: Ultimate Edition has been released to Steam for a limited time and it’s here for all to enjoy!Overwatch:Ultimate Edition features the latest updates from Blizzard, including the Overwatch: Season Pass, a new Season Mode, new maps, skins, new game modes, new weapons and more.Read moreHere’s the details: Overwatch:The Ultimate Edition features all the DLC […]

How to choose the right colour scheme for your new home

article By choosing the right wallpaper, you’ll have a home that is pleasing to look at and that will enhance your home and your office, and help you feel like you’re part of the family.To get the best out of your home, you need to pick the right colours for it, and the best wallpaper […]

Black and white wallpaper on the latest iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

The latest iPhone is rocking black and white.Black and white is now available on Apple’s latest iPhones.The Wallpapers app lets you browse through the most popular wallpapers on the App Store and even lets you switch to a black or white version for your phone if you prefer.Black & White is one of the first […]

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