Why are flowers so cute? It’s a mystery that blooms with so many flowers that they can’t be found anywhere else.

The mystery of flowers’ unique ability to create a dark, floral aesthetic is one of the things that makes them such a captivating and colorful visual element.The flowers are often referred to as floral wallpaper and even their appearance is described as “fancy,” but the term “flower” itself has never been formally defined.So why are […]

Why do we hate iPhone wallpaper?

A recent report by The Wall Street Journal highlighted how Apple’s design has left us frustrated by its lack of customization.The report points out that the iPhone’s default wallpaper has been so lackluster that many of us have turned to other popular wallpapers in an attempt to recreate its look.While there are many alternatives, some […]

How to get rid of a pesky phone wallpaper

When you are looking for a new wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad, you need to look for a wallpaper that matches your theme.A wallpaper can be either a wallpaper image, or a video of a wallpaper.But when looking for wallpaper, there are many options that can be used to match the theme of your […]

Why you can’t buy your wallpaper from Google and the rest of the Wallpaper Universe

If you’ve ever looked at a wallpaper that looked good, you’ve likely noticed that it was generated by Google.But now you can find the same wallpapers for free on the Google Play Store.This is great news for users who want to share their wallpaper collection on social media.You can now easily find wallpapers that look […]

Polo World Championship wallpaper

Polo’s World Championship is being streamed live and available on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other platforms as a wallpaper.The wallpaper is available for $9.99 and comes with a full-color wallpaper and a wallpaper pack featuring three different themes.A wallpaper pack includes a full 12 different wallpapers.The full-sized version is $14.99.The Polo team announced the wallpaper […]

‘I’m a little bit worried’: Pongo is left stranded after a ‘wild’ bushfire

A Pongo family have been left stranded in the middle of bushfires in Queensland’s north after a “wild” fire swept through their home.Key points:The family has been told to leave their home in South Brisbane and their home is now being rebuilt on their own timeThe family had been staying at a nearby town to […]

How to make a wallpaper that’s as creepy as the kobe Bryant statue

In a recent post on Instagram, I shared a photo of the iconic statue that hangs above Bryant’s home, Kobe Bryant’s LA Lakers.I was struck by the fact that this is not just another ordinary wall, but an eerie wallpaper.I wondered if there was a better way to make it as creepy or iconic as […]

How to Use The Huffington post to Make the Most of Your iPhone 7 Plus

Now Playing: Amazon Fire TV set-top box Amazon Fire Stick Amazon Echo Dot Amazon Fire Phone Amazon Echo Show The Verge: ‘The future of smart TVs is here’ article Now Play: How to Get Rid of The People’s Noise from Your Apple Watch and Other Apple Devices Now Playing (The Verge) ‘The world is changing […]

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