Why a $20 million gift to a cancer charity will pay off: The story of the $20M donation

By Mark Sisson, Associated PressThe first-ever donation of $20m to the Breast Cancer Care Foundation of America was announced Wednesday by the foundation, which was founded in 2007.The funds will be used to provide support to families and caregivers, and to expand access to care for those living with breast cancer.The foundation’s CEO, Barbara Henson, […]

Halloween Wallpaper & Backgrounds from Hallowen Hallowens Wallpapers

A new batch of wallpaper and background images from the hallowens hallowen wallpaper collection, from one of the first halloweners, is now available for sale.These stunning images are from the Hallowes Hallowings Wallpapers collection. The Halloweens wallpaper collection is now on sale at www.facebook.com/halls-hallowen and www,hallshallowes.com.These gorgeous images have been created by the legendary illustrator, Art Spiegelman, and […]

How to choose the right colour scheme for your new home

article By choosing the right wallpaper, you’ll have a home that is pleasing to look at and that will enhance your home and your office, and help you feel like you’re part of the family.To get the best out of your home, you need to pick the right colours for it, and the best wallpaper […]

How to Play Crypto Coins Games

This article is a must read for any cryptocurrency enthusiast.As someone who spends a lot of time on social media, this article is definitely worth reading.Crypto Coins are very popular and if you are looking to learn more about the cryptocurrency, this is the best place to start.Crypto Games, like other games, have an extremely […]

How to download and install a new iPhone wallpaper on your iPhone X

You can now download a new wallpaper from the Apple Store using the iPhone X as a display.The app lets you select the wallpaper that’s right for you, then it will download the file for you automatically.If you’re a fan of iOS 11 and the Apple Watch, you can now see all of your new […]

How to Make Cool Christmas Wallpapers for Your Home

You’re a good guy or gal who’s always looking to impress people and you’ve got some amazing new wallpaper to give your home.Well, you can probably guess what kind of cool Christmas wallpaper you’re looking for.We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas wallpaper that you can get your hands on.Check out our list of […]

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