How to fix your Apple TV in just three clicks

Posted April 06, 2019 06:48:47 You can set your AppleTV to automatically start downloading and installing apps when you connect to your home network.It doesn’t need a Mac to do that though.How to fix the Apple TV’s black screen wallpaper in just 3 clicks.Read moreApple’s mobile devices are always at the top of the tech […]

Which of the four finalists is your favorite?

With the 2016 NBA draft just a few weeks away, we’re all wondering what will happen with the teams remaining.Will they make any moves, or will the draft make it’s way back to the East?With that in mind, we decided to take a look at the four most popular aesthetic wallpapers on our favorite sites […]

Android 8.0 Oreo: The New Gallery app has a new wallpaper

Android 8, the latest version of the mobile operating system, comes with a new gallery app that’s now available on the Play Store.The new gallery will also let users share their favorite photos with friends.The Android 8 gallery app was originally called the “Android 8.1” gallery app.The new gallery lets users share photos with their […]

TechRadAR: Minimalist Wallpapers for Windows 10 and 10 Pro

The first major update for Windows, 10 Pro, has arrived.This latest update is available for download in the Windows Store, and it brings a slew of new features, including improved audio and video playback, a new Settings app, improved multitasking, a cleaner, more modern interface, and more.The big new feature in this update is a […]

How to get rid of a pesky phone wallpaper

When you are looking for a new wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad, you need to look for a wallpaper that matches your theme.A wallpaper can be either a wallpaper image, or a video of a wallpaper.But when looking for wallpaper, there are many options that can be used to match the theme of your […]

Red, blue and gold: The perfect combination for a stylish home screen wallpaper

Home screen wallpaper is a great way to keep your smartphone or tablet fresh and look great in any setting, but if you’re using the same wallpaper over and over again it can look pretty repetitive and boring.Here are some of the best home screen wallpapers that will make your phone and tablet look and […]

Obama’s campaign chief: We have ‘no choice’ but to make a run for the White House

Politico — President Barack Obama’s top campaign manager, Jim Messina, said Friday that he’s confident the White Senate will come down on the side of Democrats who’ve called for a runoff election, a move that would put the Democrats in the White Congress and give them the ability to keep control of the Senate.“We’ve got […]

How to Create a Wallpaper for Your Desktop

A recent trend among Windows 10 and Office apps is the inclusion of wallpapers that are specifically designed to evoke the visual style of Japanese anime, but this doesn’t work as well on the desktop.That’s because the default wallpaper is too bright for a modern OS and is too boring for a desktop app.Luckily, the […]

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