Why you should stop scrolling and start watching a movie

When I was a kid, I always watched movies in my bedroom, in the living room, and on the couch, in my basement, with my mom, my brother, my sisters and my dad.When I wasn’t home, I would sit on my front porch with my parents, my brothers, my cousins and my friends, and watch […]

Overwatch: The Ultimate Edition is out now on Steam for $4.99 – IGN

Overwatch: Ultimate Edition has been released to Steam for a limited time and it’s here for all to enjoy!Overwatch:Ultimate Edition features the latest updates from Blizzard, including the Overwatch: Season Pass, a new Season Mode, new maps, skins, new game modes, new weapons and more.Read moreHere’s the details: Overwatch:The Ultimate Edition features all the DLC […]

Which MLB teams will be wearing their home-themed home-field uniforms in 2017?

The Cleveland Indians and San Francisco Giants are among several teams that have already announced plans to wear their home uniforms in their 2017 season.According to reports, the two teams have partnered with New Era to make the uniforms a reality.New Era announced the uniforms for the 2017 season on Tuesday, which is the first […]

How to keep your PC looking awesome while watching your favorite movies

A new feature in Windows 10, dubbed the “Glow Wallpaper” by its developers, makes it easy to switch between a variety of colors, whether it’s a colorful green or a dark brown.The feature is part of the OS’ “Cute Pink” theme, which is designed to mimic a pink color palette from a popular anime series, […]

How to Find the Most Interesting Wallpapers for your PC

A few months ago, I found myself staring at my phone for a while before finally opening my Facebook app to see the results.In a world of millions of wallpapers available for the Windows Phone, the number was staggering.I could almost see the stars twinkling through the sky, the sun peeking through the clouds, and […]

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