Why does the Mamelodi Pass look like a marvellous wallpaper?

The Mamelodios were the Romans who invaded Egypt around 3600 BC.

They sacked the great pyramid of Memphis and captured many of its treasures. 

At one stage they were even thought to have been the first Europeans to reach the New World.

But the Mampylios were driven out by the Roman Empire, and by the 10th Century they were forced to settle in the desert near modern-day Arizona. 

As the Romans retreated, the ancient city of Alexandria fell into ruin.

The ruins are now home to a vibrant community of people from the desert.

They call themselves the Ammonites. 

So how did they come up with the stunning wallpaper? 

They decided to use a marbled wallpaper, but the Romans would never have picked one. 

“The Ammonite wallpaper has a texture which is very similar to marble,” says Dr Paul Dalla Lana, an archaeologist at the Museo della Strada in Rome. 

It was created in the 13th century by the Italian master Giovanni Battista Scarpa, and it’s now one of the most recognisable tiles in Europe. 

Battista painted a wall of mosaic in 1211 that was designed to mimic the colour of the Nile, but it was not widely used for more than 100 years. 

Dr Dalla Loana’s research has shown that the mosaic tiles of the Ammonsite wallpaper were actually a composite of other tiles from the nearby city of Tivoli, and they were also used to create a marbling in the wall. 

They are called Ammonetic tiles because they are made from a combination of several different colours.

“When you paint with a marble it has a particular shape,” says Dalla Lazaro.

So, it is possible that the Ammondi mosaic was painted in a way similar to a marble wall.

When the Ammonsite tiles were first created, they were only a thin layer of marble.

They would not be able to cover the entire wall of the pyramid, which was covered with layers of sandstone and marble.

Dr Della Loana thinks that the Romans took the marble tiles and used them to fill the entire pyramid.

The Ammonset tiles were later covered with a layer of clay.

After they were finished, the Ammenite tiles would be layered and painted again.

In order to achieve the effect of the marbled mosaic, the Romans used sandstone as a marbleskin.

It’s possible that this is how the Ammunites came up with their marbled wall, and this is why it looks so beautiful on the wall of this Egyptian temple. 

When it comes to finding a home for their marble mosaic, Dr Dalla is not sure. 

According to the National Archaeological Museum in Rome, there are no archaeological sites in the Ammansitica Desert, and the only evidence of it is a sandstone wall that once covered the whole pyramid.

“We have no archaeological site with evidence of Ammonets.

The only archaeological site is Tivolis,” he says.

“It’s a very interesting find, but I don’t know if there’s any archaeological site there.”

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