Which of the 10 NBA rosters should I root for?

It’s a tough call, but we’ll go with the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavericks have been the team to beat in the Western Conference, and have been at the top of the league in winning percentage for the past decade.

The team has also made the playoffs every season since 2006, winning the title in 2011.

The Mavs are the defending champions, and are a top contender to win the 2016 NBA title.

But that doesn’t mean they have to win all 10 of their games.

Here are 10 teams to root for.1.

Dallas Mavericks The Mavericks are a perennial contender and are the favorite to win it all.

The franchise has won three NBA titles since 2006 and has won six in a row.

This year they will be looking to win their second straight title, as they have a chance to win a third.

They are looking for their fourth consecutive trip to the playoffs, and this time, they are aiming to win in double digits.

They have a talented core of players who can help them win games, and they can make it difficult on opponents to win on the defensive end.2.

Utah Jazz The Jazz have won five NBA titles in a long stretch, but they have struggled this year.

They lost four of their last six games and have dropped two of their past three.

They haven’t won in Utah since March of 2014.

However, the Jazz are coming off a surprising win against the Los Angeles Lakers in which they beat the Lakers by 12 points.

The Jazz should be able to win games against the likes of the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics.

The biggest threat to them is the Houston Rockets, who they should have a good matchup against.

The Rockets are a team that is coming off an impressive win against Kevin Durant, and if the Jazz can win that game, they could easily get their fourth straight win.3.

New Orleans Pelicans The Pelicans are a veteran team that has made the postseason every year since 2010.

They should be the favorite this year as they are looking to make it four straight NBA finals.

Newell has a lot of talented players that can help him win games.

The Pelicans will also be trying to take down the Houston Astros, as well as the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Nuggets are one of the worst teams in the NBA, and could struggle in the playoffs.

The New Orleans Hornets could be a great challenge, but should be a hard out.4.

Miami Heat Miami has a ton of talent and has been a consistent playoff contender since they entered the league.


they have been struggling this year, and will need to bounce back against the defending champion Golden State.

They need to come out on top against the Cavaliers and Spurs to keep their chances.

The Heat will need a win over the Houston Texans and the Los Angles Clippers to keep the playoffs alive.5.

Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors have made the playoff five times, and won four of those times.

However the Raptors have struggled to stay in the playoff race this season.

They were in the bottom half of the standings for most of the year, but were able to close out the regular season with a playoff win over Houston.

However in the past three weeks, the Raptors struggled, dropping four of five.

The Raptors will be facing the San Antonio Spurs, as the Spurs have been in the top three for most games of the season.

The Spurs are one game away from the playoffs and could be the best team in the East, but will need some help.6.

Cleveland Cavaliers Cavaliers The Cavs have a lot to prove this year after losing their first three games of this season in a span of two days.

However if they can get the win against Miami and finish the season strong, they should be in the mix to win four straight.

They play against the Chicago Bulls, who are currently tied for second in the Eastern Conference standings.

The Cavs are also a favorite to take home the 2016 Western Conference championship, as LeBron James and company are the best in the world.7.

Atlanta Hawks Atlanta is the Eastern division favorites for the 2016 title.

They beat the Miami Heat by 15 points, and had an easy time against the Utah Jazz.

However this year they have had a lot more to worry about.

They also lost their first two games against Golden State and Chicago, respectively.

However Atlanta could have a tough time against Golden States, as its also a top team in terms of offensive efficiency.

The Hawks should also be the favorites to take a playoff spot, as their defense is top notch.8.

Washington Wizards The Wizards are coming out of a disappointing season, but their defense will help them this year in a big way.

Washington is one of those teams that has an offense that can score and the defense that can stop opposing offenses.

They will also need to win three of their next four games to make the playoffs in a bid to stay with the Chicago Bucks and Boston Celtics in the

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