NFL news: The Cardinals are on top in the NL West

Cardinals are the reigning NL West champions.

They’re in the playoff picture despite a losing record.

They won’t get there this season.

They’ll have to do it on the road.

That’s how the NFL is playing it, which is the same way it always has been, but with a new twist.

The NFL’s playoff system is based on a two-team playoff format that has a few new wrinkles to it this year.

The first is the top team from each division will play the team from the other division for the first two rounds of the playoffs.

If the Cardinals win the division, that would make them the only team in the division to make the playoffs in consecutive years.

The second new wrinkle is that the division winner would be eligible to host the Super Bowl if they lose the division.

This is not the same as the division champion having the right to host a Super Bowl.

The third new wrangle is that teams from the same division will share a bye week in the first round.

If a team wins the division and is on the bye, that team can still be eligible for the playoffs if it loses its division.

The four-team division format, which started with the 1998 NFC Championship game and continues today, was designed to allow for two teams to be able to make a run for the division title in consecutive seasons.

The team with the best record would play the next best team in that division for two weeks in the playoffs and the next two weeks, the next one for two days and the last for the next week.

It worked well in the past and the first thing I’d say about it now is that it’s probably not the best solution.

There are a few reasons why this works well.

First, teams can only be eligible if they make the postseason twice in a row, and that means it’s hard to make playoffs in the AFC East, which has two playoff teams.

And second, the playoffs are typically a week long series.

So, if you make it through the first week of the conference finals and the second week of another playoff series, you’re still eligible to play for a berth in the Super, but that means you’re going to have to play three or four games against your division-leading division rival to make it into the playoffs for a wild card spot.

There’s also the possibility of a team that goes to the playoffs the first year but does not make the division championship and making the Superbowl after the season ends.

The playoffs can also be split into two rounds.

In the NFL, the winner of the divisional round and the winner in the conference title game have to make up for the second round’s loss.

That would give the Cardinals and Patriots a chance to be the two division champions after the playoffs, and would leave the AFC and NFC East tied.

That means that the Cardinals would have to beat the Steelers and Dolphins in the next round, and the Patriots would have a shot at beating the Patriots.

The AFC West has also had a number of ups and downs, but this year it has the edge.

There have been a lot of injuries and suspensions this season, and injuries have been particularly bad this season for the Bengals and Cowboys.

It also seems that the Seahawks have been the only other team in recent memory to play in the NFC Championship Game without facing a division champion.

That may change in 2018, with the Cardinals facing the Cowboys.

The Cardinals will have to go to the Cowboys for a rematch with a team who just beat them in a wild-card round.

They should be able find a way to pull it off.

If you want to see how the NFC West has played, watch the AFC West matchup below.

NFC West at Arizona Cardinals NFC West NFC West Divisional Round (1) Cardinals vs. Cardinals (1-1) Cowboys vs. Cowboys (1st) NFC West division winner vs. NFC South division winner (1.5) NFC East division winner at NFC West (2) Cowboys at NFC East (3) NFC South at NFC South (2.5)(3.5-2.75) NFC North at NFC North (3.75-4.5)-3.25(4.75-) NFC West winner vs NFC East winner (4.25-5.5-) NFC East team has won at least half of their games at home.

NFC East vs. division winner NFC East is tied for the most division titles in the NFL.

NFC Championship round is played the week of January 11.

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