How to fix the iPad’s weird wallpaper design

iOS 9.3.1 is here and it’s here to help fix your tablet’s ugly wallpaper design.

Here’s how.

Apple’s iOS wallpaper overhaul is one of the biggest updates to iOS in a long time.

The new iOS wallpaper features more detail, fewer pixels and more space for your favorite artwork.

That’s right, iOS 9’s new wallpaper features the new iPad’s iPad Pro as a background.

The iPad Pro wallpaper, as you may have seen in this teaser video, has been replaced with a new iPad wallpaper with more detail and fewer pixels.

In fact, the iPad Pro version of the iPad wallpaper is now so much better than the old iPad wallpaper that you can’t tell the old one from the new one.

Here’s a closer look at the new wallpaper.

The new iPad Wallpaper is actually a much more detailed version of an older version of iOS wallpaper that was released back in August.

We’re told that this new iPad version has a more vibrant, full color palette and has a new and better rendering of the iconic iPad logo.

This iPad wallpaper also has a few new features:You can now swipe through your apps list to quickly access all of your apps, albums and the app’s Quick Actions app.

You can also swipe from the bottom of the screen to reveal a menu to quickly launch other apps or launch Quick Actions.

If you swipe to the left of the Apple logo, you can open the Apple Photos app and the new iOS 9 iPad wallpaper.

You can also now drag a photo from the Photos app onto the Apple wallpapers list, which will open up a fullscreen photo album.

Swiping to the right of the logo will open the Quick Actions menu.

Lastly, if you swipe down from the top of the image, you’ll be taken to the Photos Quick Actions panel.

You can swipe left to close the Quick Action window.

This new iPad wallpapers can be found on the Apple Store for $3.99.

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