Tetsuya Kakihara’s Baddie Is the New Kakihara

A young artist who is struggling to find a place in a world that has become more and more “baddied” has created a new aesthetic in his latest artwork, a tribute to his favorite manga artist.

Baddie is a series of manga that was published by Kodansha Comics and later adapted into a television series by the studio, and has been praised for its dark, surreal style and its portrayal of the lives of ghouls.

While Kakihara has yet to reveal more details on his latest project, it is believed that the character he chose for his artwork is the fictional character from the popular anime series Baddies Adventures in the City.

The artist, who works as an assistant at a small studio in Tokyo, is now looking to explore the other side of the world and beyond the boundaries of his own city.

His most recent work, titled Baddiest, depicts a ghoul called Kaita, who is also a famous chef in his hometown of Kanto, in Japan.

His series focuses on a character called Baddist who lives in an apartment with his girlfriend, Shuu, and their two children.

“I wanted to create something that would reflect the way I grew up in the city, the way the ghouls of my city live,” Kakihara said.

“It’s about being aware of my surroundings and not worrying about what’s happening outside, but also focusing on the things that are inside.”

Kakihara is known for his dark, abstract style, and his work has been likened to a kind of “post-apocalyptic” art style.

“Baddist is one of my favourite ghoul characters, so I wanted to give him a bit of a different personality,” he said.

A number of other artists have already released work in Kakihara to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series, including artists like Akira Yamaoka and Yoshikazu Tanaka.

“If I’m going to use something as an icon, I think that’s the most important thing,” Kakidan said.

“I want to capture something that makes me smile.

So for this series, I wanted it to reflect that.”

For more on the 20-year anniversary of Baddiefests Adventures in Kanto series, click here

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