Which president is more likely to kill America?

In the first presidential debate, the debate moderator asked candidates to weigh in on whether President Donald Trump would kill America or not.

“Would you kill the people of this country if it was your opportunity to do so?” moderator Jake Tapper asked Trump, whose name has been floated as a potential candidate for the job of commander in chief.

Trump said yes, and then quickly added, “I would.

I mean, I would.”

Tapper, who had been asking Trump questions on policy, pointed out that he had asked Trump whether he would kill the nation if it were his opportunity.

Trump responded, “Yes.”

Tapping Trump again, Tapper said, “Do you want to be president?”

“No,” Trump replied.

“I’m not gonna do that.

I’m not going to do that.”

Trump also said he would not do it, but said he did not care.

The moderators continued their questions and Trump answered.

Tapper had asked if he would go after the families of the fallen.

Trump did not say whether he wanted to kill the families or the families would not.

Trump then added, as the crowd booed, “The president has a tremendous amount of power, I do not want to destroy it, I want to protect it.”

Trump had promised to “absolutely destroy” the country, but did not mention specifically what that would look like.

Trump also promised to end birthright citizenship, the law that grants citizenship to children born to immigrants who were brought to the country illegally, and to “stop the deportation of the Dreamers,” as well as to “take care of our vets.”

He did not address the issue of whether he had made those promises, but he did say, “If they were to happen, that’s fine with me.”

Tappers final question came when Tapper was asking whether he could be president and not be president.

Trump asked if that would be possible.

“If I could be not president but still be president, that would make it much easier,” Trump said.

“You wouldn’t have to do it.

You wouldn’t do it.”

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