Which mobile wallpaper will be the best on your iPhone?

Fortnite’s free iPhone wallpaper is now available on the App Store, with a full selection of wallpaper options including:Halloween iPhone wallpaperThe Best Friend iPhone wallpaperHalloween PC wallpaperHannahs iPhone wallpaperLucky Number WallpaperHalloween iPad wallpaperBest Friend iPad wallpaperHannibal WallpaperiPhone wallpaperDinah WallpaperThe new wallpaper comes as part of the new iOS 11 theme, with new designs from Jony Ive and the new Fortnites theme.

Ive also confirmed that the new iPhone wallpaper has been designed specifically for the iPad, and that it will feature new designs for the Home screen. 

There’s also a selection of new wallpaper for the lock screen, the Messages app, and even a new wallpaper on the lock icon. 

iPhone wallpaper on iPad, iPhone wallpaper on Home screen, iPad wallpaper on Lock screenHannibals iPhone wallpaper, iPhone Wallpaper, iPhone on Lock, iPhone iPhone wallpaper at lock screenApple is set to introduce a new feature to iOS 11 called iCloud Keychain.

It will allow iOS devices to unlock their iPhones and iPads with just the tap of a button, without having to hold the phone or the Home button down.

It’s an interesting feature that will let you save a photo or video to your camera roll and then share it with friends or family, and it’s available to anyone with a free iPhone. 

The feature will also be available on iPads, iPhones, and Macs. 

In addition to the new iCloud Keychains wallpaper, Apple is also introducing an iPhone wallpaper from one of the developers of the popular iOS wallpaper app, Fortnite. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the Fortnited wallpaper on iOS 11, and a quick video of the wallpaper on a Mac. 

Fortner’s Fortnits iPhone wallpaperiPhone wallpaper for iPhone on iPad and iPad on iPhone

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