The US flag has been in the news for a few weeks now. Here are some of the best flags of the year in a photo gallery

US flags are now the most popular national flag in the world.

In 2018, it was the flag of the United States.

In 2015, it won the World Design Awards for Best National Flag.

And it is the flag that every major country flies, so it is easy to see why.

Here’s our guide to the best American flags of 2018.


US Flag (Source: American Flag)The US flag is the most widely adopted national flag of all time, with nearly all nations having adopted the flag.

In 2017, the flag won a prestigious Design Museum Award, as the best design in the category.

It was also awarded a Design Award in 2018.

In a new study published in the International Journal of American History, American flag designer and design director Dan Satterfield found that the flag is best in its position as a symbol of American identity.

“The flag is a symbol for the United Nations, a symbol that expresses a powerful, unified vision for a better future for the people of the world,” he wrote in the study.

“In the past century, the United State flag has also been used by nations and states as symbols of their national pride and to demonstrate their political independence.”

The study also found that “a flag that represents the United Kingdom, the nation of the British Empire, and a flag of France and Germany were also adopted as the most representative of these three nations.”


US Flags (Source)The United States has the second-most flag-bearing countries in the World, after the United Arab Emirates.

The United States is also the second most powerful country in the United Nation.

The flag has a history of being used by all nations, including the United Kingdom, and the flag has had a role in the history of the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and Nevis, where the British used it in the early 1900s to protest British colonial rule.


US Military Flag (source: Flag Center)This flag is often called the US flag.

It is the symbol of the US military, which includes all of the armed forces.

The US has a population of nearly five million, which makes the military flag the most prominent symbol of US power.

It can also be used by both the government and private businesses, which are required to register with the Department of Defense.

The symbol is also often used by corporations and organizations that promote the US government, such as the United Way, the National Association of Manufacturers, and other groups.

It has also become a symbol in the political debate over whether or not the United states should remain a democracy.

The military flag has become the symbol for America, and is also used by many other countries.


US Marine Corps Flag (Image source: Navy)The flag of both the United Marine Corps and the United Air Force is considered the official flag of each branch of the service.

The flags were adopted by both branches in 1917, but the US Marine’s flag became the official one in 1974.

The American flag is currently the most-popular flag of this military branch, according to the Naval Institute.


American Flag (image source: Wikipedia)The American flag was officially adopted in 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln.

It came to be known as the “Star of David” after the Hebrew word for “flag.”

The flag is one of the three traditional national symbols of Judaism, Judaism’s holiest site.

The other two are the Star of David and the Union Jack.


US Army Flag (Photo: US Army)The flags of both of the military branches in the US are the Stars and Stripes.

The Stars and Stamps are used to commemorate events such as World War I and the American Revolution.

The stripes were created to represent the colors of the flag and the Stars.

The first Stars and White Star was adopted in 1922.

It became the flag for the armed services in 1955.

The second Stars and Black Star was approved in 1967, the last year of the Cold War, when the US was at war with the Soviet Union.


Canadian Flag (Getty Images)The Canadian flag is used by the military to symbolize Canada and the country’s independence.

The national flag was first used by Canada in 1917 as a symbolic representation of that country’s national sovereignty.

In 1956, Canada adopted a new flag as its official national flag, and it has since been used throughout Canada and other countries around the world, including for international conferences.


Japanese Flag (Japanese flag source: Reuters)The Japanese flag is known as a “peace flag” because it is a red, white, and blue flag that symbolizes peace and reconciliation.

In addition to being the official national emblem of Japan, it has also played a role as the symbol and symbol of Japan’s defense forces.


Spanish Flag (Wikimedia Commons)The Spanish flag has traditionally been associated with the country of Spain, but has

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