5 of the best cat wallpaper designs to use for 2018

This year, I’m going to start the year with a bang, with a new pet, and a new cat-themed wallpaper.

That means a lot of cats.

I have a few favorites, and I’m sharing them with you in no particular order. 


Awwwwww, I Love Your Cute Kitty. 

I really love this adorable photo from photographer John Lee, which I’m always happy to see on my wall.

It captures a moment in time and brings back some memories, like the day I first saw the fluffy white cat in the street.

I love the little details like his blue eyes and nose, and the little dots in his fur. 


The Biggest Cat in Town. 

You might think I don’t love cats, but I absolutely do.

This cat is so adorable, and it captures my heart with its adorable grin and little paws.

I adore that it’s wearing a T-shirt, and is so much fun to see him play with. 


Me and My New Cat. 

This cute picture is one of my favorites.

I loved the cat sitting on a bed in a corner, but it’s a little hard to believe that I’m actually my cat, when I’m sitting on the bed, watching the sunset.

This picture captures the moment perfectly, and shows me how much my cat loves me, and loves to make me smile. 


Cat-Dance Party. 

If I can’t catch a cat, I probably don’t like cats.

This photo, taken by photographer Paul Szekely, captures the joy of a cat dancing with a ball in its paws. 


Cat Litter. 

Cats litter is an awesome way to help keep the home clean.

I think cats love it, and even get into the habit of littering. 


Happy Cat! 

This photo is one I absolutely love, and was taken at a local pet store, where a woman picked out her cat’s favorite food for the day. 


It’s Christmas Time. 

Christmas is one day when the entire family gets together for the holidays.

This adorable picture from photographer Paul Solt and photographer Justin Clements shows how the whole family enjoys making the most of the time together. 


Puffin, My Cat.

This cat looks so adorable in this cute picture from photojournalist Katie K. H. She’s just like me in every way, except she’s a bit bigger. 


I’m Not a Cat!

This photo of an all-black cat is from photographer Nick Stansfield.

He has a love for cats that spans everything from his love for stuffed animals to his love of playing with cats. 


A Very Funny Cat.

This cat from photographer Justin Tappin is a sweet, kind soul.

He loves being a part of his family, and has a sweet tooth for everything, from the cute little toy that comes with the photo, to the adorable and funny stories from his family. 


The Petting Zoo. 

When I first met photographer Ryan Gage, he was working on his petting zoo.

I was really impressed with the detail he did, and how it made the photo feel like it was on a wall. 


Happy Cat, and All. 

At this very cute petting park, you can see how cute these adorable cats are, and all the people who visit the park.

I always like to see the smiles on their faces, and can’t help but get a little emotional at the sight of the happy cat. 


My Favorite Cat!

I’ve always loved cats.

When I first started petting a cat on a whim, I fell in love with him immediately.

I fell head over heels in love, I got my heart broken with my cat’s smile, and now I’m very happy that I found him. 


How I Love My New Pet.

This cute photo from photo photographer Paul Clements is the kind of photo that makes me smile so much that I’ve been asked to share it with others.

I can see it on a blog, and in a photo gallery. 


Laughing Cat, in the Park.

This is a photo of a little boy playing with his cat, which is adorable.

This little boy was always a little shy, but his adorable smile made him a star! 


Walking Cats, in The Park. 

These adorable walking cats are so cute and friendly.

This beautiful photo by photographer Ryan Clements captures a cat and a friend walking through the park in the same photo. 


Bubbles, Bubbles! 

You may think that cats have little mouths, but these adorable bubbles really are cute. 


Petting My Dog. With her

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